Sanjo Nitschke unterstützt ab sofort die tinsa Gruppe

The Head of Data and Automated Valuations at the German company on-geo is the new Senior Lead Advisor for Digital Valuation in the group.

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Tinsa, the largest European platform for property valuations, consultancy and data, has appointed Sanjo Nitschke as new Senior Lead Advisor for Digital Valuation in the group. Among his responsibilities will be the coordination of innovation strategies and the extension of best practices in digital valuation activity among the Tinsa group companies across three continents.

Sanjo Nitschke is currently Head of Data Analytics & AVM at on-geo, the leading company in valuations software in Germany and part of the Tinsa group. He studied linguistics and psychology in Germany, Italy and the UK and has a doctorate in Psychology from the University of Manchester. Before joining on-geo in 2012, Nitschke worked in the public sector and as a researcher for the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig (Germany).

Nitschke will combine his new responsibilities in the group with the management of the Data Analytics & AVM department at on-geo that he set up himself. It brings together analytics solutions, Automated Valuation Models (AVM) and valuation applications for software as a service in Germany and Austria.

Nitschke is also Chair of the Standards Committee at the European AVM Alliance (EAA), an organisation that brings together leading companies in automated valuations in Europe including Tinsa and on-geo. Within the EAA, Nitschke is author of European Standards for Statistical Valuation Methods for Residential Properties in Europe (ESSVM), a document that defines a common terminology and minimum requirements on automated valuations for stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

With this recently created appointment, Tinsa’s objective is to bolster new digital valuation products and services in the group from the experience of best practices in the field. “My main goal is to consolidate the understanding within the group’s companies that there is a very strong and complementary connection between traditional valuations and digital technology. This combination of the traditional and digital worlds boosts the competitiveness of our services and helps enhance Tinsa’s role as one of the leading platforms for property valuations in the world,” said Sanjo Nitschke.

More than 75,000 clients across three continents currently use digital tools and specialised software from companies within the Tinsa group to generate over 2.5 million valuations annually. The use of technology and valuation algorithms to enrich local knowledge has been one of Tinsa’s key strategic policies over the last few years.

Tinsa has offices in 15 countries in Europe, Latin America and Africa and employs over 1,200 people. In 2019, the group’s turnover reached €163 million, half of which was generated in Europe.

About Tinsa

Tinsa is the largest independent platform for valuations and digital management of property data in Europe and Latin America. It carries out over three million valuations a year across three continents, 80% through digital tools and specialised software.

The group has three areas of activity: the valuation of Real Estate and moveable assets; property software and data; and services for the insurance sector (valuations and risk assessment). As a valuations company, Tinsa draws up reports for any purpose and valuation standards (e.g. RICS, IVS and EVS). For over 35 years, it has been a benchmark for property valuations used as collateral in mortgage loans, a service it provides for all the financial entities in the countries it operates in.

The use of technology in valuations as well as the generation and exploitation of large databases along with international expansion lie behind Tinsa’s growth in the last few years. The group has offices in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Morocco.

Tinsa is a Spanish member of the European AVM Alliance (EAA), the group of European companies that foster the implementation of automated valuations (AVM) with the highest standards of quality and accuracy using models based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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